What is the importance of an education?

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Many years ago receiving a high school diploma was an accomplishment that was rewarded with a high paying job. Many students did not finish high school and instead began working in a career that they picked based on family ties. Families would pass down their businesses and show their children how the business was run based on their on-the-job training.

However, there came an era where children did not always want to inherit the family business and instead wanted to study and go into a different career. This brought a change into the way one educated him or herself for a career.

Nowadays, a high school diploma is taken for granted and the importance of an education has greatly changed. Now, employers require employees to continue their studies and learn much of what they will use in their fields at school, rather than receive on-the-job training in their future employment.

It is argued that receiving training for a job or career in school is not the same as receiving that same training when you begin working. Many recent graduates find themselves not liking the career that they studied for four years. Again, many people are questioning just what is the importance of an education. There have been suggestions which would include not only classes, but an internship where students would work as they would when they receive their degree. This would give them a feel for what their career would be like, without having put in four years of college.

The importance of an education has significantly changed because now it is not only an achievement, but it is a requirement for most long term jobs. In addition, recent graduates are receiving much less compensation despite having receiving an upper level education because it is now a requirement. Employers are not seeing it as something that makes a candidate unique. It can actually be argued that candidates that have hands-on training for their careers are the ones that have a better chance of receiving a job more quickly.

Overall, an education is still important, but now it is needed to receive a job in a professional field. Finding what career an individual wants to pursue is important because the rate of degree changes in colleges in increasing the amount of debt students are acquiring in their higher level education.

Allowing students to work at a job for free for a few weeks will benefit the student in the long run, because although they will have worked without pay for a few weeks, they will not incur as much college debt as they would have had they not explored their career options. This option would not only benefit the students, but it would provide businesses with a steady flow of volunteers that could give businesses that extra push to get through these rough economic times.

It is evident that the importance of an education is more than a mere degree, but it is what can help improve the economy and the status of a nation.

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