Should I continue my education?

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As adults we come to a certain point in our lives where we ask ourselves, "is this it?" some of us reach that point in our lives several times throughout the journey of this wonderful thing called life. Usually when we reach this point in our lives we have many questions as to what we should do next or where we should go from here.

One such question that often comes up is "should I continue my education?" and the answer should be yes. Whether you are stuck in a dead end job, looking for a career change, or you simply enjoy learning, you can never go wrong by bettering yourself through attaining a higher education for yourself. Sometimes as adults we second guess ourselves telling ourselves that "I am too old to continue my education.” to those of you who are thinking that way, I say it is never too late to pursue your academic goals.

There should never be a time limit on one's learning, or self-improvement for that matter. We owe it to our families, friends, society, and most importantly ourselves to better ourselves through higher education. Never let age or your current financial situation, or other stop you from reaching your educational goals. Just as is the case with anything in life, if you keep making excuses why you cannot pursue your educational goals at the moment you are never going to find the right moment. I found the hardest part to reaching my educational goals was actually getting me enrolled in the courses. Once I was enrolled it was all downhill from there and easily fit the added responsibility of going back to school into my daily routine.

Sure I was busy and at times stressed out when it came to juggling the ever crazy schedule of work, kids, and school but I made it work and am better for that simple fact alone. Never mind what I learned in school, the dedication that it took to accomplish my educational goals was an amazing life lesson unto itself. What I gained from my schooling was just an added bonus.

School is just that school, it is theory not real life, and I think people psych themselves out from the prospect of going back to school, like it is some sort of unattainable goal. I knew when I first went back to school after a few years in the military, the first few courses I would make the work much harder than it really was. I thought to myself "this is college it has to be difficult, there is no way that the answers are this simple.", but that is the reality of it my friends college in general is just common sense. So unless you lack common sense, which I highly doubt that you do since you have enough of it to at least look into going back to school, then you should have no troubles whatsover when it comes to reaching your educational goals!

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